Interface between Family Practice and Ambulance Service – Status Quo and Opportunities for Improvement

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2018.0325-0328

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Jannis Raphael Fritz, Johannes Jäger

Keywords: ambulance service cooperation primary care qualitative research

Background: Cooperation and communication between family practitioners, general internists and ambulance services are the most important elements in an unproblematic preclinical emergency care. Current changes in the vocational training of ambulance personnel and their competences highlight the need to determine the status quo and to solve any problems that might occur. The aim of this study was to comprehend the current situation and to develop solution strategies for grievances in cooperation with the respective representatives.Methods: All family practitioners and ambulance employees in the administrative districts of Freudenstadt, Ortenaukreis and Rottweil were interviewed on the issue in a cross-sectional study. In addition to the query of demographic data, the questionnaire focused on the current status of medical and organizational competence in the respective disciplines, the assessment of the need for changes and the recording of suggested improvements.Results: we recruited a total of 419 study participants and revealed an overall positive picture of the current situation. However, a particular need for improvement in the fields of interdisciplinary communication became evident. Joint training events and an improved information exchange system emerged as a long-term measure to improve the current situation.Conclusions: Suggestions for improvement should be discussed in close consultation between ambulance employees, medical directors of the emergency services and representatives of the family practitioners.

(State: 19.07.2018)

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