The New DEGAM Guideline “Counseling on Cardiovascular Prevention in Family Medicine”

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2017.0312-0318

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Keywords: cardiovascular prevention family medicine risk communication arriba fixed-dose statin

Summary: Despite a declining trend cardiovascular diseases are still the main cause of death in Germany. There are diverse, mostly interacting causes. A joint analysis of these risk factors allows to avoid risk factor overestimation and consecutive over-treatment. To give family practitioners a guideline for cardiovascular risk estimation and counseling, a DEGAM working group was set up in 2002 and presents their work 15 years later. The guideline gives the different special votes of DEGAM representatives in interdisciplinary and national guidelines a common frame. These controversial DEGAM positions are:

? Diabetes is not considered as a cardiovascular disease equivalent and not an indication for statin therapy by itself.

? Microalbuminuria screening is not routinely recommended in type 2 diabetes.

? arriba should be used as a cardiovascular risk assessment tool in family practice.

? A fixed-dose statin therapy without further lipid testing should be used.

? Combinations of antihyperlipemic agents should not be used.

(State: 18.07.2017)

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