The Swiss Clinical Skills Examination – Model for a Generalistic Examination in Germany?

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2019.0279-0281

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Thomas Kötter, Roger Kropf, Jost Steinhäuser

Keywords: OSCE clinical competence education medical educational measurement

Summary: With the new final clinical skills examination in medicine (EP CS), a practical examination following the format of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) was implemented in Switzerland in 2011. The clinical cases used in the examination cover a broad spectrum of clinical subjects and are shaped by primary care consultation reasons. In Germany, the so called master plan medical education 2020 is still to be implemented. It includes a reform of the final examination (M3). In future, every graduate will be examined in family medicine. Given a time requirement of 6 to 8 hours only for the examination itself for a maximum number of four graduates in the existing M3, a continuation of this format provides some challenge regarding the resource of raters. In the master plan resolution text, an OSCE is demanded as part of the new M3. Provided an appropriate design of the case vignettes, every graduate would be examined in family medicine, without straining the family medicine faculty excessively with examinations. An OSCE based on the model of the Swiss EP CS as part of the new M3 could be advantageous out of content-related and organizational reasons.

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