Advice Books for Parents on Children’s Health

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2018.0269-0275

Ein Überblick über populärmedizinische Themen auf dem deutschen Buchmarkt

german translation / full article

Ulf Sauerbrey, Inga Petruschke, Sven Schulz, Ketura Herklotz, Horst Christian Vollmar

Keywords: advice books for parents children’s diseases children’s health content analysis popular medical topics

Background: The book market offers a wide range of popular medical knowledge. There are hardly any scientific studies targeting advice books for parents on children’s health, specifically. This study provides an overview of popular medical parent advice books available on the German book market.Methods: All books displayed using the same search term combinations on amazon.de, weltbild.de, and buecher.de were recorded in one list. They were fed into a data set with a literature management software, reduced in a text- and image-hermeneutic procedure to 788 advice books for parents on the subject of child health or childhood diseases, and subsequently analyzed in the consensual coding procedure.Results: The thematic code system shows that the books’ contents show great variety and that there are many different publishers offering them. Nevertheless, certain topics stand out more prominently and some publishers appear as “big players” in the field of popular medical knowledge. Differences in the authors’ professional provenance are evident from two samples of advice books for parents on first aid and on vaccination.Conclusions: Further research regarding the production of popular medical knowledge for parents is necessary. Based on our generated book list and its annotated code system, document analyses can provide information on the extent to which similar advice books written by physicians and non-physicians respectively differ in terms of quality.

(State: 29.06.2018)

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