Why We Need a Primary Care System

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2018.0250-0254

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Uwe W. Popert, Günther Egidi, Johanna Eras, Thomas Kühlein, Erika Baum

Keywords: position paper primary medical care

Summary: In the near future, proportion and numbers of elderly, ill and multimorbid people in the population will increase. This requires a working primary medical care of high quality which covers:1. readily accessible, broad-based and low-threshold access,2. less emergency cases and hospital treatments,3. better quality of care, prolonged life expectancy and higher health standards of the population,4. higher satisfaction of patients and medical staff,5. lower health costs in spite of rising complexity.For this, the following actions are required:1. vocational training in primary care for about 30 % of all recently graduated medical doctors,2. higher remuneration for family practitioners,3. less bureaucracy and more time for patient consultation,4. a registration based primary care system.

(State: 14.06.2018)

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