SPRINT – Sometimes it Might Be Smarter to Keep Calm

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2018.0265-0268

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Ralf Michael Jendyk, Peter Maisel

Keywords: SPRINT blood-pressure thresholds

Summary: The study “A randomized trial of intensive versus standard blood-pressure control” (SPRINT) has received much attention since its publication in 2015. Numerous details of the study have been discussed and also challenged. In addition to an already recognized respective dispute, the authors of this commentary raise another issue dealing with differences in proceedings between the two cohorts of the study population. Publications related to the SPRINT-trial were screened pragmatically and essential information was summarized. Due to the issues discussed and the occasionally conflicting results of the SPRINT-trial, further research should be undertaken before adapting blood-pressure thresholds.

(State: 14.06.2018)

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  • Challenges in Southern Bavarian Primary Care Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic