Stroke on a Cruise Ship

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2018.0255-0258

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Frank Heblich, Gianluca Minucci, Luisa Lützner, Wulf Miersch

Keywords: cerebral insult cruise ship travel medicine consultation

Background: Both the total number of cruise passengers and the number of elderly and chronically ill passengers is increasing worldwide. At the same time, many passengers, but also some doctors overestimate treatment options on cruise ships.Case report: A 79-year-old traveler suffers a stroke during breakfast on a port day. Since the on-duty-team and the second medical team is still on board, the transport into a stroke unit can be organized quickly and, simultaneously, the patient can be prepared for the transport. At the local hospital, the closed vessel can be opened in time by thrombectomy so that the patient can be discharged without physical consequences after a short time.Conclusions: The patient was very lucky that the cruise ship had already moored in a port with good medical infrastructure at the time of the event. Due to the early intervention in the stroke unit, all physical symptoms could be reversed. When advising patients, doctors should always consider the limitations of on-board hospital wards and in some destination countries.

(State: 29.06.2018)

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