How Satisfied are Familiy Practitioners and What is Their View on Their Health Care System?

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2015.0269-0274

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Stephanie Stock, Dagmar Hertle

Keywords: Family Practitioners Community Pediatricians Primary Care Survey Commonwealth Fund Health Care System

An International Comparison

Background: Since 1999 the US-American Commonwealth Fund conducts international surveys with doctors working in primary care every three years. The aim of the survey is to get insights in the perception of family practitioners and community pediatricians regarding their daily work, their satisfaction with work, the quality of care and their general opinion regarding their national health care system.

Methods: A written survey and a telephone survey of family practitioners and community pediatricians were conducted in eleven industrialized countries. In Germany, a random sample of 4.500 family practitioners out of all 16 federal states was contacted by mail between April and July 2012. The data acquisition in Germany was conducted by the BQS Institute for Quality & Patient Safety and funded by the Federal Ministry of Health. The results were weighted by age, sex, region and medical specialty of the participating doctors.

Results: 9.776 family practitioners and community pediatricians participated in eleven countries; 909 of them in Germany. Participating doctors had a greatly varying opinion how good their national health care system is performing. In Germany only 24 % thought it performs well. 34 % stated, care of their patients worsened within the last three years. Satisfied or very satisfied with their work were 54 % of German primary care doctors, Germany thus ranking last in international comparison. 62 % had the impression of an overuse of medical tests and treatments concerning their patients. Conclusions: German family practitioners had longer work hours compared to most of the other countries and more than 50 % saw a major problem in the amount of time they had to spend for administration.

(State: 16.06.2015)

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