Being Listened to, Seen and Understood: Reflections from Homeopathy Research Lessons

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2014.0251-0255

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Norbert Schmacke, Maren Stamer, Veronika Müller

Keywords: Homeopathy Communication Motivational Interviewing Physician Patient Relationship

Summary: Research on homeopathy traditionally focuses on the specific efficiency of homeopathic drugs. Research on patients’ perspectives, based on experience with homeopathic vs. allopathic medicine, leads to a less studied topic, an empathic attitude within the patient physician relationship. Sociological and psychological knowledge for promoting successful communication patterns has not got the necessary impact on everyday practice in medicine. Based on a qualitative study about patients’ experiences with homeopathic treatment the article presents reflections on physicians’ communicating with their patients. We suppose that the differences noticed by patients between homeopathic and “normal” physicians cannot be reduced to the approach of teaching communication skills. Rather, much more important, it seems to need a fundamental and complex cultural change in medicine, which is of utmost importance for the conception of family medicine itself.

(State: 13.05.2015)

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