The New Bremen Preventive Medical Check-Up – Development and Concept of an Age Adjusted Health Examination

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2013.0261-0265

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Guido Schmiemann, Günther Egidi, Jürgen Biesewig-Siebenmorgen

Keywords: Preventive Health Service Primary Care Health Check

Background: In Germany all persons with public health insurance over the age of 35 are offered biennial health checkups. Evidence for the usefulness of this examination is controversial. From the perspective of health insurers and their clients there is a high desire for regular examinations, despite a lack of supporting evidence. Within the contracts for FP-centred care (§ 73b Book V of the Social Code) in Bremen, the health insurance representatives intended to extent this offer, while family practitioners focused on tailoring the existing concept to patients needs.

Methods: Selective literature search and review of international recommendations.

Results: The first draft of an age adjusted concept for preventive service was discussed and modified after feedback with insurers, experts, practitioners, and an internet-based discussion forum.

Conclusions: A questionnaire-based prevention approach adapts preventive health examinations to the specific issues of different life stages. The questionnaires allow a systematic assessment of the most common and patient-relevant problems.

(State: 18.06.2013)

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