Primary Care in Nursing Homes: Need for Action and Scope For Design

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2013.0280-0285

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Johannes Kriegel, Nanni Reckwitz, Margit Mayr, Fritz Hemedinger

Keywords: Primary Health Care Nursing Home for Elderly Coordination Cooperation Communication

Background: Increased morbidity simultaneously to constricted mobility account for different requirements and general set-up for tailored primary care. This results in the question which required actions and scope for design can be identified and realized for various stakeholders to safeguard and improve of medical care in nursing homes.

Methods: This paper is based on expert and focus group interviews, standardized questionnaires among family practitioners and nurses in selected nursing homes.

Results: Comparing two nursing homes in Austria, one rural and one urban we identified and developed different strategies to secure and optimize care by family practitioners in nursing homes

Conclusion: To achieve this improvement it became apparent that concerted action is required for communication, coordination and cooperation.

(State: 18.06.2013)

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