The Family Practice Team in Research

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2013.0255-0260

Ein Workshop mit Hausärzten, Medizinischen Fachangestellten und wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeitern der universitären Allgemeinmedizin

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Martin Scherer, Karola Mergenthal, Ferdinand Michael Gerlach, Anne Barzel

Keywords: Inter-Professional Research Family Doctor Health Care Assistants

A Workshop Involving Family Doctors, Health Care Assistants and Research Staff in Academic Family Medicine

Background: The family practice is the focus of research in primary care. The involvement of the practice team in research ranges from patient recruitment to conducting interventions. However, it is unclear how responsibilities for research work should be shared. Also, there has been no debate among family doctors, health care assistants and research staff on how best to cooperate, and allocate roles and responsibilities. The aim of the workshop described here was to determine the requirements, general conditions and possibilities for the realization of research activities in the family practice.

Methods: The workshop was conducted at the DEGAM (German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians) Congress 2011, and on the Family Practice Day 2012 in Frankfurt. A total of 35 participants worked in inter-professional groups on the issues of recruitment, division of labour and conditions for research work. Results were descriptively evaluated.

Results: Out of five study designs practice teams clearly favoured the intervention study. The most important factor for participating in a study was its value to the practice, financial compensation was less important. Participants described clear structures and agreements, appreciation of their work, and mutually defined communication as supporting factors.

Conclusions: The workshop offers the chance to further develop research work in the family practice, and to improve the exchange of information between family practice teams and researchers.

(State: 18.06.2013)

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