Pragmatic Development of Topic Areas for the Postgraduate Training in Family Medicine

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2011.0269

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Jochen Gensichen, Sven Schulz, Thomas Lichte, Susann Schumann, Katja Stengler

Keywords: Topics Postgraduate Training Family Medicine

Summary: An important part of the postgraduate training in family medicine are practice related teachings seminars. A collection of teaching topics for the rotational postgraduate training programme in family medicine of the University Hospital Jena has been developed. Contents were identified together with academic family practitioners from Thuringia and clinical specialists of the University Hospital Jena in 2009/2010. They are mainly based on the curriculum of the FMH (Swiss Medical Association). It has been piloted at the University Hospital Jena. Furthermore it may contribute to the current activities to establish a national curriculum for the postgraduate training in family medicine in Germany.

(State: 10.06.2011)

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