Training for Health Care Assistants for Deliver Outreach Visits in Primary Care

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2011.0280

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Jochen Gensichen, Katja Brenk-Franz, Ingrid Gerlach

Keywords: Family medicine Delegation of Clinical Tasks Health Care Assistants

Summary: Health care assistants may unburden physicians of clinical activities after a special training (outreach visits). We searched for specific skills trainings for health care assistants and compared them with respect to the curricular content, the hourly scale and the consistence with actual requirements. We identified six training programmes in Germany. Five meet the requirements of the delegation agreement between physicians and the health insurance and are eligible within the statutory health services. Four are based on the curriculum content of the „Non-medical practice assistant“ of the Federal Medical Assembly. One qualification programme is used for contracts outside the statutory health services. The medical relief, community-based, e-health based, systemic intervention (AGnES) is not classifiable. Which training may be chosen by the practice team depends on practice characteristics and goals, for example to contract with the „Doctor Centered Care“-contract or in the statutory health insurance. A nationally standardized curriculum is necessary for training programs preparing health care assistants to deliver clinical tasks (as outreach visits) in primary care practices.

(State: 10.06.2011)

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