The National Disease Management Guideline for Low Back Pain

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2011.0260

Eine Zusammenfassung für die Hausarztpraxis

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Jean-François Chenot, Annette Becker

Keywords: Low Back Pain Clinical Guideline

A Summary for Family Medicine 

Summary: The evidence-based guideline for managing low back pain in primary care of the German College of Family Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM) from 2003 will not be updated in favour of the new National Disease Management Guideline (NVL) low back pain. The NVL evaluates the evidence and effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Thus the NVL is providing an orientation given the multiplicity of management options for low back pain with uncertain effectiveness. The basic triage concept to identify patients with red flags (indicating serious underlying disease) and yellow flags (to identify patients at risk of developing chronic pain) remains unchanged. For acute low back pain counselling, physical activity and pain medication is recommended. For subacute and chronic low back pain a tailored intervention based on a multiprofessional assessment is recommended. The suggested algorithm, however, cannot be easily implemented in the current health care system.

(State: 10.06.2011)

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