Practical Year Training in Outpatient Care: Which Subject Would Medical Students Choose?

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Inga Petruschke, Sven Schulz, Michelle Kaufmann, Miriam Hesse, Jutta Bleidorn

Keywords: Master Plan Medical Studies 2020 family medicine practical year quarterly elective

BackgroundIn order to take account of the high share of the outpatient sector in patient care also in teaching medical students, the Master Plan Medical Studies 2020 proposes to divide the practical year into four quarters, one of which is to take place in the outpatient sector. In order to attract and qualify appropriate teaching practices, it makes sense to know the preferences of students. MethodsMedical students in their eighth and tenth semester in Jena were asked about this and their career aspirations (cross-sectional survey). Of 501 students, 96 % completed the questionnaire and 481 data records were evaluated.ResultsAlmost 30 % would opt for an elective quarter in family medicine, the second and third most frequent subjects being paediatrics and anaesthesiology. Approximately 20 % indicated "family medicine" as the targeted specialty.ConclusionsThe results provide an indication as to which outpatient specialties can possibly expect a high demand on the part of future practical year students.KeywordsMaster Plan Medical Studies 2020; family medicine; practical year; quarterly elective

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