Liposuction – a Successful Approach in the Treatment of Lipedema?

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Andreas Sönnichsen

QuestionLipedema is a quite common disproportional growth of adipose tissue, mostly in women. The origin of the disorder is unknown. Hips and legs are most frequently affected. Treatment options are often unsatisfactory. Liposuction is recommended as one of the therapeutic choices. Is there study evidence supporting this recommendation?Answer In view of the high frequency of liposuction, there is a surprising lack of randomized controlled studies investigating effectiveness or safety of the procedure. Current best evidence relies exclusively on small observational studies with a high risk of bias. A general recommendation regarding liposuction for the treatment of lipedema based on reliable evidence cannot be made. Taking the unsatisfactory effectiveness of conservative therapeutic measures into account, liposuction may be justified after a shared decision making process with the patient.

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