Family Medicine in General Practice

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2016.0208-0212

Eine Delphi-Studie zur Entwicklung einer gemeinsamen Arbeitsdefinition

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Vera Kalitzkus, Horst Christian Vollmar

Keywords: Family Medicine General Practice Primary Health Care Qualitative Research

A Delphi Study to Develop a Shared Working Definition

Background: So far, there is no comprehensive definition of family medicine – an integral part of general practice – in the German context. The aim of this Delphi study was to develop a working definition of „family medicine in general practice“ together with experts in the field of general practice and bordering disciplines.

Methods: The study was conducted by an interdisciplinary working group. It included three rounds: the first round contained an explorative questionnaire. The answers were analysed, formed into items and in two further rounds compiled to a working definition of family medicine. Questionnaires 2 and 3 solely consist of aspects named by the experts in round 1. In advance consent was defined as an agreement from 75 % or more. 33 experts took part in the first round, 31 in the second and third round of the survey.

Results: As a result a complex working definition of „family medicine in general practice“ has been developed. The definition has at its base a broad understanding of family. Family medicine means, according to this definition, to consider the family and family problems in the treatment of patients, without other members necessarily being patient in that practice as well. There was a controversial discussion about the relationship of family medicine to general practice.

Conclusions: This working definition is proposed as common basis for research in the field of „family medicine in general practice“. It should be revised in a few years in the light of future research results.

(State: 17.05.2016)

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