Prevalence of Co-Morbidities and Benefit of Glucose Lowering in Diabetes Mellitus Typ 2

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2015.0220-0226

Basisinformationen für das Patientengespräch

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Günther Egidi, Heinz Harald Abholz, Ulf Zitterbart

Keywords: Diabetes Complications Prevalence Benefit of Glucose Control Shared Decision Making Teaching Programme

Basic Informations for the Dialogue with the Patient

Background: Clear and understandable information about the risk of diabetic complications and the benefit of optimal treatment is a necessary condition for shared decision-making and the basis for doctor-patient dialogue and patient education.

Methods: A narrative review of studies on empirical data concerning the prevalence of diabetic complications under the given therapeutic circumstances in Germany was performed. In addition we looked for international reviews on the benefit of glucose control.

Results: In Germany with a “good control of glucose” on average, complications are rarer than usually presented in literature. Also, the benefit of reducing HbA1c below 8 % is small – different from HbA1c -values higher than 8,5 %.

Conclusions: The prevalence of diabetic complications in Germany is lower than often cited and the benefit of further reducing HbA1c below 8 % is smaller than usually thought. However, all considered studies have follow-up of a maximum of 10 years only. Such data should be presented to the patient without exaggeration or diminution when finding out the “individualised treatment goal” in the dialogue between patient and doctor.

(State: 18.06.2015)

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