Qualitative Evaluation of the Mentoring Program for Future Family Physicians in Hesse

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2020.0182-0187

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Anna Swantje van der Meer, Monika Sennekamp, Anne Messemaker, Marischa Broermann

Keywords: mentoring qualitative research specialist training in family medicine theme-centered interaction

BackgroundIncreasing demand for young family physicians requires the optimization of specialist training in family medicine. In 2012, the Competence Center for Specialist Training in Family Medicine in Hesse developed a mentoring program for future family doctors. Participants undergoing specialist training benefit from an exchange of opinions during group mentoring sessions, in which their direct contact persons for questions relating to specialist training participate (a specialist in family medicine and a pedagogue/psychologist are the mentors). A qualitative evaluation study was used to expand an existing assessment of the views of the specialist trainees to include those of the medical mentors. MethodsIn November and December 2017, eight individual structured interviews were conducted with the medical mentors in the mentoring groups in Hesse. The material was evaluated using qualitative content analysis to structure the content.ResultsThe mentors in the program reported benefits from their work in a number of different ways. They profited particularly from discussions in their mentoring group and enjoyed their work. Further advantages were an improvement in the way they interacted with the specialist trainee physicians and greater reflection upon their own day-to-day work. The medical mentors also said the involvement of two supervisors (pedagogue/psychologist) was a further positive aspect. They regarded the topics that were dealt with at the meetings as relevant and helpful to everyone. ConclusionsThe interviewed mentors involved in the mentoring program for future family physicians benefited from their work and considered it useful for the participating trainee physicians and the discipline of family medicine as a whole. Keywordsqualitative research; specialist training in family medicine; mentoring; theme-centered interaction

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