Digitalisation in Medicine – Who Proceeds and Who Looks Behind

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2019.0165-0168

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Martin Scherer, Joachim Szecsenyi, Ferdinand M. Gerlach

Keywords: ehealth family medicine telemedicine

Summary: The medical professions seem to observe the digitalisation of medicine from the sidelines. It is the medical profession, and DEGAM in particular, who should be at the forefront of a societal debate that will result in a generally accepted understanding of „good medicine“ in the age of digitalisation. In this, it could be crucial to save the normative FM-medical achievements of the last decades into the future. We consider it urgently necessary that DEGAM sets the content-related and medical-ethical side rails for a development that seems to be following the laws of the „market“, especially because of the market entry of new potent players. According to the authors, DEGAM has to deal with current developments, anticipate future scenarios with opportunities and limitations, analyse and evaluate the expected effects on FM practice of the future, and work out its own, value-based „digital strategy“. This task could be handled in a working-group (Task Force) across all DEGAM-sections.

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