History of Wound Care with Honey

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2015.0187–0191

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Angela Sänger, Andreas Fretz, Eduard David

Keywords: Honey History of Medicine Wound Care

Summary: In this historical survey it is shown that honey is used in wound care from antiquity until today. Honey was often applied in combination with vege-table, animal or mineral materials. It seemed obvious in antiquity till the description of the papyri that honey was used raw, while during the time of Hippocrates honey was mostly cooked. From medieval times to modern age honey is used for wound treatment in boiled processed as well as in raw unprocessed conditions. How the honey in particular was applied depended on the experience and preference of the therapist. A comparative survey between cooked and raw honey could not be retrieved from the available literature. However, even strong infected or bad healing diabetic wounds seem to be successfully treatable. The evidence of the very long use of honey by all kinds of wounds refers to its healing effect.

(State: 17.04.2015)

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