Decline, Call In, or Visit at Home?

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2011.0158

Analyse einer E-Mail-Diskussion unter Hausärzten

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Herbert Rusche, Dorothea Osenberg, Norbert Weismann, Bert Huenges

Keywords: Home Visits Motivation Qualitative analysis

An Analysis of an Email Discussion Amongst Family Practitioners

Summary: Which motivations are relevant in the family practitioners decision to make a home visit? An email discussion about home visits was examined by a qualitative analysis. The arguments of family doctors could be clustered in the categories self-conception/role perception; evidence; law/contracts; social expectations; phone triage; personal experience; time expenditure and others. These categories seem to determine the decision for a home visit besides the medical indication. The contributions highlight the ambivalence of family doctors regarding home visits and the respective scientific data. More evidence is urgently needed.

(State: 14.04.2011)

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