Multiple Actors – One Barrier

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2020.0116-0120

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Flora Kühne, Caroline Jung-Sievers, Sabine Schlüssel, Celina Lichtl, Cornelius Schüle, Peter Falkai, Jochen Gensichen

Keywords: case report depression family medicine language barrier migrants’ health

BackgroundThe number of migrants and refugees living in Germany is increasing. The following case report presents different possible barriers arising for those patients in primary health care (especially familiy medicine) settings. Furthermore, the actors of the social and psychiatric services will be discussed based on a theoretical model.Case reportA 35 year old Iraqi mother (living in a refugee shelter) with depression and resistant hypertension is discharged to the outpatient setting out of a psychiatric hospital. After five months her psychosocial situation and the utilization of services within the health care and social system is assessed again.ConclusionsThe language barrier poses a considerable problem in the medical treatment of non-German-speaking patients, especially with mental diseases and psychosocial comorbidities.In primary health care and long-term care of those patients, it is important to coordinate several actors as well as to know and inform about different services within the social and psychiatric system. Keywordslanguage barrier; migrants’ health; depression; case report; family medicine

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