Performance Test – Low Cost Exam Format for Physical Check-Up

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Lena Krabbe, Irmgard Streitlein-Böhme, August Sigle, Andreas Möltner, Wilhelm Niebling, Klaus Böhme

Keywords: competence-based examination competence-based training examination course performance test

BackgroundA competence-oriented and practical training of medical students requires – according to the Constructive Alignment Model – practical examinations. For the medical students of the University of Freiburg, the „clinical traineeship examination“ (Famulaturreifeprüfung), which is a so-called performance test, completes a multistage course on basic physical examination techniques. The students have to prove their physical examination skills in one of six possible, randomly assigned examination modules. This paper investigates whether this procedure is justifiable with regard to the reliability of the examination.MethodsAfter a descriptive evaluation, the examination results of the 73 students who took the clinical traineeship examination in the summer semester of 2018 were subjected to a mixed model variance analysis and a calculation of reliability.ResultsResults showed no differences in difficulty between the six modules. No influence of the factor “examiner” on the results could be proven. The calculated reliability of the examination in one module was 0.509, a value described as „appropriate“ in the literature.ConclusionsOn the one hand, tests must satisfy defined test quality criteria, on the other hand, they must be feasible in terms of personnel, organizational and financial expenditure. Both criteria are fulfilled by the „Freiburger Famulaturreifeprüfung“.Keywordscompetence-based training; competence-based examination; performance test; examination course

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