Rational Use of Antibiotics: Impulses for Primary Care (a Symposium Report)

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2020.0109-0115

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Edith Andres, Joachim Szecsenyi, Katharina Garbe, Johannes Hartmann, Inga Petruschke, Maike Schulz, Heidrun Sturm, Attila Altiner, Antonia Bauer, Reinhard Bornemann, Petra Gastmeier, Sandra Schneider, Rieke Schulz, Anja Wollny, Petra Kaufmann-Kolle

Keywords: ambulatory care antimicrobial resistance rational use of antibiotics

SummaryWithin the framework of the 2019 conference of the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM), a symposium was held that brought together six projects sharing the aim of counteracting increasing antimicrobial resistances. The main focus was on family physicians’ daily routine care for which specific action impulses were derived from various perspectives and with different approaches. Depending on the respective setting, physicians, their care teams, patients, the public and also interdisciplinary and intersectoral regional collaboration with other professional groups, such as pharmacists, were addressed.For physicians and their care teams: • data based, practice-specific feedback reports on their antibiotics prescriptions including possibilities for comparison or benchmarking • training on patient communication, as well as provision of evidence-based information on current guidelines, either via personal training or via concise written (also electronic) materials • cross-sectional screening and outpatient rehabilitation of problematic germs before hospital admissions for elective surgical interventionsFor patients: • a reasonable variety of informative materials developed in the respective projects (such as handouts and posters, non-prescription information sheets „Infozepte“, and more)For the public: • raising awareness of the issue in the general population in all age-groups, sub-population specific, via targeted campaigns for example via social and regional mediaKeywordsantimicrobial resistance; rational use of antibiotics; ambulatory care

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