Specialized Outpatient Care: First Experiences of Patients and Family Practitioners

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Florian Kaiser, Ulrich Kaiser, Daniela Utke, Stefanie Schattenkirchner, Ursula Vehling-Kaiser

Keywords: family practitioners patient satisfaction specialized outpatient medical care

Background: As a further development of Section 116b of the German Social Code Book 5, the legal basis for specialized outpatient medical care (ASV) for complex, rare, and difficult-to-treat diseases became effective in Germany in 2012. The objective is, among others, to develop an intensified interdisciplinary patient care both by outpatient as well as inpatient doctors. In this survey, only the experiences with „specialized outpatient medical care for gastrointestinal tumors and tumors of the abdominal cavity“ are recorded from the point of view of family practitioners (FPs) and patients.Methods: After one year of ASV activity, all FPs from the area of specialized outpatient medical care as well as all patients treated using ASV from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 were included in the assessment. The compilation of data on satisfaction and experience with ASV was done for FPs using a questionnaire and for ASV patients using the questionnaire „Satisfaction in Outpatient Care: Quality from the Patient‘s Perspective.“Results: Among the 160 patients treated with ASV, 71 were included in the survey. Satisfaction with the ASV was scaled (0–100) and was for „Organization“ 82, „Information“ 78, „Interaction“ 87, „Expertise“ 88, and „Involvement in decision-making“ 77. Among the 163 FPs who were surveyed, 46 participated in the study. Approximately 80 % of FPs knew about ASV, 50 % knew a local ASV team, 78 % were interested in working in the area of ASV, and 76 % wanted more information.Conclusions: Overall, among the surveyed patients, taking into consideration some criticized points, there is a positive trend in the evaluation of ASV as a new health care structure. Interest on the part of FPs in an interdisciplinary cooperation with ASV could be proven.

(State: 14.03.2018)

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