Antihistamines in Histamine Intolerance?

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Anna Vögele

QuestionDoes a patient affected from histamine intolerance benefit from oral intake of antihistamines?AnswerEffectiveness of oral intake of antihistamines in patients with suspected histamine intolerance can not be proven by the currently available scientific evidence. According to the mechanism of action of antihistamines, they could be effective in the treatment of specific symptoms of histamine intolerance – at least in the context of acute events (massive dietary errors, e.g. at festivities, after red wine consumption or in case of scombroid poisoning2). Depending on the clinical symptoms, it could be attempted to treat patients with suspected histamine intolerance for a determined period of time with histamine receptor type 1 (H1) and histamine receptor type 2 (H2) blockers of the second or third generation to check whether the clinical picture changes.

2 Poisoning resulting from eating spoiled (decayed) fish, scombridae = e.g. tuna or mackerel.

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