Diagnostics and Treatment of Soft Tissue Tumors

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2016.0101-0108

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Wolfgang Hoffmann, Thomas Gösling, Ansgar Dellmann, Jürgen Krauter, Wolfgang Schörner, Martina Becker-Schiebe

Keywords: sarcoma soft tissue family practice general practioner diagnostic

Background: Soft tissue tumors are common findings in family medicine. Usually the family practitioner is the first contact point. He takes the right steps for coming diagnostics and therapy.

Search methods: Pubmed (Soft tissue sarcoma)

Main messages: Most soft-tissue tumors are benign. Tumors of rapid growth, of a size larger than 4 cm or of subfascial location are suggestive for soft-tissue sarcoma which should be treated in a specialized center. A directed timely admission is mandatory. Wide resection of the tumor is still the most important modality for successful treatment. Different adjuvant and neoadjuvant strategies have improved limb saving surgery, local and disease control and survival. The treatment course should be discussed within an experienced tumor board.

Conclusions: The family practitioner should be aware of the risk of sarcomas in the treatment of soft-tissue tumors which should be treated in specialized interdisciplinary cancer centers.

(State: 16.03.2017)

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