Patient-Centered Health Care Management

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2012.0127-0132

Ein Konzept aus einer akademischen Lehrpraxis

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Stefan Gesenhues, Petra Kempis, Sabrina Reinders

Keywords: Quality of Care Electronic Medical Records Patient-Centered Care

A Concept Developed in a Teaching practice

Background: Primary care medicine is complex because patients often have more than one disease, one medication and one physician. It is a central task of family practitioners to integrate the various aspects of care. The article presents a patient-centered electronic care management which was developed in a primary care teaching practice. In a feasibility study the practicability of the concept was evaluated.

Methods: A primary care teaching practice developed an electronic patient management system. Based on a review of randomly selected charts outcome-relevant aspects of care were retrieved in three categories: prevention, chronic care, communication and organization. A computer tag (flag) was developed for all aspects which were considered relevant by the physicians. The system was implemented in a random sample of five hundred electronic charts. The practice team was surveyed for their every-day experience.

Results: The retrospective chart review showed that an average of 6.1 flags were used per chart with most frequent use of flags for prevention (n = 1790) und chronic care (n = 897). The practice team considers the system easily understandable, transferable to other practices and providing a good overview about the various aspects of each patient’s care. The practice will apply the system long term.

Conclusions: Our study shows a successful implementation of a patient-centered, electronic medical record based care management system in a primary care practice. The practice team considered the system as successfully supporting their comprehensive care.

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