Good Fit in the Patient-Doctor-Relationship Minute by Minute – the Complexity of a Family Practitioner’s Surgery

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2012.00105-00111

Mikroszenenprotokoll als Instrument zur Selbstreflexion

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Vera Kalitzkus, Gisela Volck

Keywords: Family Practice Micro-Scene Protocol Complexity Good Fit in the Patient-Doctor-Relationship Disturbances of the Patient-Doctor-Relationship

Micro-Scene Protocol as Instrument of Self-Reflection

Summary: A family practitioner reflects on her daily working routine and is wondering what makes a successful day. In order to record and evaluate the proceedings in a FP’s surgery, a micro-scene protocol will be used as a tool. On one side, this protocol offers information on the doctor’s knowledge of the patient, the history of the illness, the doctor-patient relationship, the disposition of doctor and patient during individual consultations. On the other side it demonstrates how each meeting is embedded in overall daily routine. Considerations will be made about a good fit in the patient-doctor-relationship as well as potential disturbances and features of successful interaction. Reflections are made with reference to Thure von Uexkülls model of “integrated medicine”.

(State: 19.03.2012)

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