Medical Research in South Tyrol / Italy – an Opinion Poll amongst Doctors and the Population

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2011.111

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Heinz Harald Abholz, Giuliano Piccoliori, Hermann Atz, Adolf Engl

Keywords: medical research opinion poll patient care

Background: There are growing discussion about biomedical research in South Tyrol and especially about the possibilities of such research in such a small region without a medical school or university.

Aims: An opinion poll of the population and of all the doctors should answer the following questions: 1. Should there be biomedical research in spite of not having a medical school/university? 2. Which kind of medical research – if at all – should be mostly supported? 3. Are there any influences by taking part in research on the quality of care?

Methods: apollis, an institute for social and public opinion research in South Tyrol, performed an opinion poll in a representative sample of the population as well as an e-mail questionnaire survey in all doctors – using about the same questions for both groups. 2.097 of the 2.426 doctors were contacted and 880 representative person from the population were called for an interview.

Results: The online-questionnaire was answered by 366 physicians. Of those 93 were family doctors (a third of all family doctors in total), 13 paediatricians, 213 hospital doctors and 35 private physicians (specialists outside the state health care system). From the population sample 412 of the 880 contacted persons took part in the telephone interview. About 80 % of the doctors and about 75 % of the population would like to have biomedical research in South Tyrol. 60 % of the doctors (three thirds of the population) would like to see the state supporting this. Physicians wished „health care research“ to bet the priority; within the population this took second position with 30 %. Nearly 70 % of the physicians and nearly half of the population answered that they would take part in research.

Conclusion: The support for and the willingness to take part in research is wider than expected, also compared with the few studies we have found.

(State: 10.03.2011)

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