A Concept for the Future of Family Practice Care in Germany. 1: Arguments, International Models. – The Proposals of the German Advisory Council on the Health Care System

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2010.0093

Eine Darstellung anhand der Vorschläge des Sachverständigenrats Gesundheit 2009

german translation / full article

Ferdinand Michael Gerlach, Martin Beyer, Antje Erler

Keywords: family practice primary care health care systems

Abstract: The sustainability of family practice-based primary care appears to be endangered. In Germany, the increasing workload due to demographic change and the increasing prevalence of chronic illness, combined with a crisis in the recruitment and retention of future family physicians, signals the need for a future concept.

In its 2009 report, the Federal Advisory Council on the Assessment of Developments in the Health Care System developed such a concept for family practice-based primary care. The council relied on an analysis of current trends, a separate evidence review on the performance elements of FP-driven care, and an overview of current international models for primary care.

In the present article, arguments for the future concept are discussed. The most relevant elements are: appropriate working conditions, a basis of practice organisation in the principles of chronic care and medical home, and the embedding of family practice in a cross-sectoral, population-oriented model of care.

In a second article, the consequences of these considerations for a new model of primary care practices will be outlined.

(State: 11.10.2010)

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