Qualitative social research – origins and approaches for research in general practicePart 1: Theory and basics of qualitative research

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2009.0105

Teil 1: Theorie und Grundlagen der qualitativen Forschung

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Anja Wollny, Gabriella Marx

Keywords: qualitative research qualitative data collection qualitative analysis methods general practice research

Abstract: Qualitative research is an increasingly used research method in general practice research. Qualitative research is often complicated and associated with uncertainty. Comprehension is not straight forward given the complexity of the methods, and requires special efforts. This article is the initiation of a series, which targets to enhance the understanding of options and application fields for qualitative research and the practical benefit of its methods in general practice research. Part one outlines the characteristics, the underlying theories and the principles of qualitative research. Moreover, techniques and purposes will be illustrated. Although qualitative research might be perceived as a challenge to researchers endurance, similarities to physicians’ everyday work with patients exist.

(State: 27.07.2011)

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