Online Teaching in Family Medicine: a Challenge

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2021.0088-0091

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Karoline Lukaschek, Linda Sanftenberg, Chris Friemel, Anja Sommer, Johanna Huber, Martin R. Fischer, Jochen Gensichen

Keywords: Covid-19 lecturer survey online teaching student evaluation

BackgroundDue to the Covid-19 pandemic, classroom training for medical students had to be changed to digital formats at short notice. How do students and teachers evaluate this adaptation?MethodsThe subjective assessment of students and teachers regarding the online versions of the lecture and the seminar „Family Medicine“ was examined in an evaluation. Possible effects on student learning success were assessed with a written exam (40 multiple-choice questions).ResultsOf 250 students who attended the lecture on an optional basis and the seminar on an obligatory basis, 50 % (n = 124) participated in the evaluation, and 84 % (n = 32) of 38 lecturers. Overall, 54 % of the students (n = 64) rated the online formats as „very good“, 65 % (n = 78) would like more online teaching in the future. Of the lecturers, 63 % (n = 20) rated the time required for preparation as higher compared to classroom events. Both lecturers and students were equally positive about the supervision and teaching content. In the exam (238 participants), an average mark of 3.2 (max. 5, min. 1, standard deviation 0.83) was achieved.ConclusionsOnline formats can be successfully made available in a short time. Students and lecturers assessed the quality of the online versions of the lecture and the seminar „Family Medicine“ positively. Two thirds of the students would like to see more online formats in the future. Effects on the learning success of the students cannot be conclusively assessed due to the limitations.KeywordsCovid-19; online teaching; student evaluation; lecturer survey

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