Medical Education and Specialist Training in Family Medicine in France

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2021.0078-0083

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Linda A. Held

Keywords: France family medicine specialist training studies

SummaryDuring their studies, French medical students pass two selection procedures where they are ranked: After the first year of studies the access to the second year of studies is there-by limited and at the end of studies, the students can choose a specialty and region of specialty training according to their ranking. Family medicine, especially in rural areas, belongs to the less popular specialties.Specialist training in family medicine is organized centrally and therefore identical in every French region. It takes three years and the young doctors maintain their student status. Six core competencies (first aid/ basic care in an emergency; relationship, communication, patient-centered approach; holistic approach, inclusion of complexity; training and prevention of individual and community health; continuity, coordination of care for the patient; professionalism) in family medicine are covered during that time. A mentoring system has been implemented, as well as different possibilities for professional emphasis. A thesis for all medical students in their own specialty is obligatory. Keywordsspecialist training; family medicine; France, studies

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