What is Good Specialist Training?

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2020.0056-0061

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Katharina Dippell, Lia Pauscher, Anne Messemaker, Armin Wunder, Alexander Graafen, Ferdinand M. Gerlach, Monika Sennekamp

Keywords: advanced train-the-trainer seminars competences specialist trainers in family medicine training content

BackgroundA needs analysis was conducted among trainers in family medicine (ST) and physicians undergoing specialist training (PST) in family medicine in the state of Hesse, with the aim of developing an advanced train-the-trainer seminar (advanced TTT seminar) – tailored, as far as possible, to meet the needs of both groups. Additionally, a special focus was placed on how ST and PST viewed their feedback culture in a training context.MethodsThe final evaluation of the four advanced TTT seminars carried out in 2016/2017 (N = 87), an online survey of former participants, and an online survey of PST attending the Hesse Competence Center for Specialist Training served as a basis for the development of the advanced TTT seminars. 54 ST and 44 PST participated in the online surveys.ResultsAn analysis of the evaluation results revealed that ST had a significant interest in broad-based and advanced TTT seminars. Preferred training content and training methods could also be determined. Comments made by PST and ST on feedback were different in terms of frequency and in the duration of discussions, with lower PST estimates. The majority of PST would prefer to receive feedback more often.ConclusionsOur results provide a good starting point for the design of an advanced TTT seminar which should focus on the following topics: teaching formal and professional specialist training content, advanced feedback training and the didactic capabilities of the ST.Keywordsadvanced train-the-trainer seminars; specialist trainers in family medicine; training content; competences

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