GLP-1 Receptor Agonists – Miraculous Novel Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes?

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Andreas Sönnichsen

QuestionIn the past two years, several endpoint-studies evaluating the efficacy of injectable GLP-1-Receptor-Agonists (GLP-1-RA) have been published. Is it recommendable to use these drugs routinely in the treatment of diabetes type 2 if satisfactory metabolic control cannot be achieved with life style interventions and metformin alone?AnswerUnlike for most other antidiabetic drugs except Metformin, current study evidence reveals modest benefits for GLP-1-RAs regarding cardiovascular endpoints, thus justifying a therapeutic trial especially for younger, obese patients and patients with cardiovascular disease. The positive effects are mitigated, though, by frequent gastrointestinal adverse events like nausea and vomiting which lead to a discontinuation of treatment in about one of 20 patients compared to placebo. A final judgement of benefits and risks is not possible at the moment due to a lack of long-time observation.

(State: 15.02.2018)

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