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DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2017.0068-0072

Eine qualitative Vergleichsstudie des PJ-Modellprojekts „Ausbildungskonzept Allgemeinmedizin Dillingen” (AKADemie)

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Antonius Schneider, Jörg Schelling, Niklas Barth, Constanze Storr, Ulrike Bechtel

Keywords: family practice shortage of family physicians final year medical students rural area qualitative research

A Qualitative Comparative Study of the Pilot Project “Medical Education in Family Medicine Dillingen” (AKADemie)

Background: The pilot project “AKADemie” (Medical Education in Family Medicine) aims at developing an integrated medical education concept for students having their elective in family medicine in a rural area. The project is based on the idea of interlocking the clinical elective periods with those in family practice. Against the backdrop of a shortage of family practitioners, solutions are called for in order to ensure primary care in rural areas. This study analyzes the motivational structures of students who participate in the AKADemie project as well as of those who participate in a regular elective program.

Methods: We conducted a qualitative pre-post-comparison. To this end, we questioned 25 elective students in problem-oriented telephone interviews (n = 46). Our methodological principles are based on the insights of ground theory as well as on system-theoretical hermeneutics.

Results: We were able to identify at least four types of narrative construction within the interviews: the “uncertain”, the “confident generalists”, the “convinced ones” and the “modern critics”. There is a tendency within the data that “uncertain students” participate in a regular elective program.

Conclusions: Data suggests that a cooperation program between a teaching hospital and a university institute for family practice can have positive motivational effects on students having their elective. Especially in the narratives by the “convinced”, motivational effects appear to bind students to the actual region of their elective.

(State: 22.02.2017)

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  • Challenges in Southern Bavarian Primary Care Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic