20 Years of Quality Circles for Family Practitioners – Stocktaking and Perspectives

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2015.0066-0070

Ein Workshop-Bericht

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Frank Peters-Klimm, Edith Andres, Sabine Ludt

Keywords: Quality Circle Continuing Education Development of Profession Family Medicine

A Workshop Report

Summary: For the 20th anniversary of quality circles (QC) for family practitioners a workshop was organized at the 2013 Congress of the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM). Eight family physicians (FP) participated and the authors of this article moderated the workshop. All participants had experience with QCs for many years. In small group work and in a moderated plenum-discussion the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional and data-based QC-formats as well as chances and risks of multidisciplinary/cross-sectoral QCs were analyzed. On this basis, measures were identified to support and improve QC-work: Among others, structured and evidence-based materials on different QC-topics should be available on demand for QC moderators. Furthermore, a good self-confidence of FPs was identified as fundamental for a fruitful exchange on equal footing between FPs and medical specialists. To further improve and refine QCs a lot of issues still remain to be addressed by all stakeholders involved.

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  • Video Consultations in Times of a Pandemic
  • Patient and Family Engaged Care“– Does that Fit for Germany?
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