AaLplus – History Taking and Physical Examination – a Course for Preclinical Medical Students

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2014.0076–0080

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Joachim Szecsenyi, Peter Engeser, Christian Eichner

Keywords: Medical Students Basic Skills Preclinical Studies Peer-to-Peer-Training

Summary: In addition to a thorough scientific basic foundation, medical students also expect to practice skills in patient-centered communication and physical examination right from the beginning of their training at medical school. The German Medical Licensure Act requests specific courses in „exploration of medical professional fields“ and „introduction into clinical medicine“ in the early preclinical part of medical training. Still, medical training in the two preclinical years in Germany is extremely theory-based. Concentration on basic sciences neglects the interest of students in learning basic medical skills, which function as a bridge to the clinical practice of medicine. Presently, only few students start into the clinical part of studies with a solid set of basic skills, which might serve as a basis for further and specialised training of medical procedures and clinical communication. The further development of an existing peer-to-peer training for history-taking, medical communication and basic medical skills (AaLplus), is aimed at improving professional skills of medical students in the preclinical phase by helping them to cross-link theoretical knowledge of different specialties, and develop a professional attitude as a physician.

(State: 08.05.2015)

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