First Experience with Group Medical Appointments in a Family Practice

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2014.0083-0087

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Guido Schmiemann, Benedikt Simon, Kati Mozygemba

Keywords: Group Medical Appointment Hypertension Asthma bronchiale

Summary: In Germany chronic care takes place for the most part in an individual physician appointment for a single patient. Group medical appointments are internationally recognised to be a primary care approach, which is more responsive to the needs of the chronically ill. Currently, the feasibility of group medical appointments in the German health care system is assessed through a clinical trial. The interventions itself, as well as materials used in the trial, have been piloted in a primary practice. In this practice, group medical appointments have become a well-established model of care, due to the popularity of the concept for patients and medical staff alike. This article illustrates the concept of group medical appointments, as they are carried out in the pilot practice. The focus of this articles lies on the description of the first experiences with group medical appointments, conducted for patients with arterial hypertension and bronchial asthma, respectively. The experiences are presented from the perspective of the physician as well as practice staff of the pilot practice.

(State: 08.05.2015)

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