How to Become a Good or even Better Family Physician?

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2014.0072-0074

Einblicke in die Ergebnisse der JADE-Konferenz beim DEGAM-Kongress in München 2013

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Wolfram J. Herrmann, Anja Baier

Keywords: Family Physician Competencies Self-Development Reflectivity

Some Insights into the Results of the JADE Conference (DEGAM Congress, Munich 2013)

Summary: At the yearly conference of the German Working Group for New and Future Family Practitioners in Germany (JADE), we discussed how to become a good/better family physician. We distinguished between what is a good family physician and how to get there. Regarding the development towards a good/better family physician we distinguished between structural factors and individual possibilities. We think a good family physician is characterized by different competencies in different areas. The development towards a good/better family physician is a life-long process with structural prerequisites for teaching, training and continuous medical education. Individual possibilities to become a good/better family physician require mutual exchange and reflectivity.

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