The Collegial Expert Discussion in Basic Medical Education

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Lina M. Lauffer, Paul Delker, Robert P. Kosilek, Flora Kühne, Sabine Schlüssel, Attila Altiner, Jochen Gensichen

Keywords: block clerkship family medicine collegial expert discussion

BackgroundInterviews with students have already been used to evaluate the block clerkship. At the same time, constructive feedback from peers is useful to ensure learning success. The components of individual peer review and evaluation of the block clerkship were to be brought together in a pilot project.MethodsMedical staff of the Institute of General Practice and Family Medicine established structured ten-minute telephone calls with each student in the block clerkship in family medicine. A collegial expert discussion was held on a medical report prepared by the students in the block clerkship in family medicine, and feedback on the block clerkship was requested. ResultsFrom November 2017 to May 2019, 555 collegial expert discussions took place. 95.5 % of the medical reports were “passed” (of which 12.4 % were “good”) and 4.5 % were “not passed/need to be revised”. There was a structured exchange of information with the students; improvement on the doctor’s report was possible in most cases. At the same time, the university received valuable feedback regarding further developments of the block clerkship. A resource expenditure of half a staff month for one medical employee and one student employee per year is necessary.ConclusionsAn individual collegial expert discussion by medical employees of the Institute of General Practice and Family Medicine is possible also at a large university if structural and organizational requirements are fulfilled and it represents a helpful instrument for students and lecturers.Keywords collegial expert discussion; block clerkship family medicine

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