Non-Toxic Thyroid Nodules: Benefit/Harm of Levothyroxine

Non-Toxic Thyroid Nodules: Benefit/Harm of Levothyroxine

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Elizabeth Bandeira-Echtler


What is the benefit or potential harm of levothyroxine suppressive therapy in the treatment of patients with benign, non-toxic thyroid nodules?


Levothyroxine suppressive therapy is not recommended for euthyroid patients with benign thyroid nodules without symptoms because reduction of the nodule volume only constitutes a surrogate parameter of questionable clinical relevance. Moreover, potential adverse effects of long-term treatment such as the risk of cardiovascular events like atrial fibrillation or tachycardia, osteoporosis and iatrogenic hyperthyroidism must be considered.

(State: 05.01.2017)

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