Supplements for Cartilage Nutrition in Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Supplements for Cartilage Nutrition in Osteoarthritis of the Knee

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Anna Vögele


Does it makes sense to offer oral cartilage-nutrient-supplements to patients affected from painful knee osteoarthritis; and if so, with which substances and for how long?


An effectiveness of oral supplements of cartilage nutrition like chondroitin and glucosamine in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis has not been proven by the available scientific evidence. At best, methodologically weak studies justify an “ex-juvantibus” treatment with chondroitin for a period of up to 6 months; subsequently, the effect of such a treatment has to be evaluated individually. The fact that the substance causes only very few adverse effects justifies this kind of treatment. However, general measures such as weight loss, relative physical rest and targeted physical exercise and training should take first place in the management of knee osteoarthritis.

(State: 05.01.2017)

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