Conversion Disorder – a Forgotten Psychosomatic Diagnosis

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2015.0489-0493

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Thomas Steger

Keywords: Conversion Psychosomatic Disease Classification

Summary: The onset of psychoanalytically characterized psychosomatic medicine gave rise to the model and the diagnosis of conversion disorder, with which psychogenic physical symptoms can be phenotypically well described. With the development of the classification system ICD-10 this disease pattern was largely abandoned in favour of the purely descriptive diagnosis of somatization. The criteria of the latter diagnosis are but unhelpful to understand the internal mechanisms of many recorded psychogenic symptoms. Therefore, in this work the historical background and main criteria of this disorder are explained in detail. Finally, we discuss theory of psychological trauma, such as those associated with the history of the conversion concept.

(State: 07.01.2016)

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