Development of a Logbook for the “Practical Year” Elective in Family Medicine

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2009.0492

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Wilhelm Niebling, Dirk Moßhammer, Klaus Böhme, Thomas Ledig, Christiane Eicher, Boris Breivogel

Keywords: family medicine study year learning objectives logbook

Summary: The new Basic Medical Education Scheme offers opportunities for family medicine practices to serve as training spots for the elective period in the last (“practical”) study year. Consequently family medicine departments had to structure this time period. At the University of Freiburg we developed a logbook for students and teachers with a list of learning objectives as central element. This logbook was developed in a multi-step procedure and was consented by professors in Baden-Wuerttemberg. After a pilot trial in two teaching practices we have now a product at our hands which awaits further broad application.

(State: 31.05.2011)

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