Quality Management in Outpatient Teaching Practices – What´s the Role of Faculty Development?

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Sabine Gehrke-Beck, Gudrun Bayer, Christoph Heintze, Ulrike Sonntag

Keywords: clerkship evaluation faculty development teaching practices

BackgroundStrengthening family medicine in medical education and training in community teaching practices is often demanded. In addition to recruitment of teaching practices, quality assurance is becoming increasingly important. At the Institute of Family Medicine of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, a mandatory didactics training for family practice teaching doctors who supervise students in their clerkships was introduced in 2015. The present study evaluated the satisfaction of the participants with the didactics course and investigates the effect of the didactics training. MethodsEvaluation by the students (satisfaction with the supervision, learning opportunities) was analysed according to the participation of teaching doctors in the didactics training. After the course, participants completed a questionnaire on subjective learning outcome and satisfaction with the training. After the clerkship, the students evaluated the supervision, the feedback and learning opportunities in the teaching practice. The student evaluations were compared depending on whether teaching doctors had participated in the didactics training. Results140 of 331 family practice teaching doctors took part in a didactic training course until winter semester 2017. 937 of 1611 students that completed the clerkship filled out an evaluation form (response 58 %, 277 evaluations of teaching physicians after didactics training, 651 evaluations without or before didactics training). The participants of the didactics training reported a high level of satisfaction and an increase in teaching competencies. The results of the student evaluation showed no or very modest differences depending on whether the teaching doctors had participated in the didactics training. ConclusionsThe results suggest that didactic training significantly changes the quality of clerkship supervision in the experience of students, though to a smaller extent. Additionally, didactic training can help to improve the satisfaction of the teaching practices, increase identification with the role of a family practice teaching doctor and the university teaching staff and simplify the implementation of teaching in everyday life through „communities of practice“. Keywordsteaching practices; evaluation; faculty development; clerkship

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