Days of Family Medicine – Track Record and (Still) Unfulfilled Promises

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Günther Egidi, Hans-Otto Wagner, Sandra Blumenthal

Keywords: continuing education day of family medicine family physicians industry-independence interprofessional education setting approach

BackgroundSince 2004 there are days of family medicine (TdA) in Germany. In 2008 the DEGAM section for continuing medical education defined corresponding criteria. There are now TdA at 17 universities in Germany. The survey carried out was intended to answer the question of whether these requirements are implemented for the TdA or whether they can be implemented at all. MethodsAll 17 TdA performing departments were surveyed. In addition to the number of speakers and participants there were questions about participation and speaker fees, the share of general practitioners in speakers and moderators and about funding and sponsorship. The evaluation was conducted with Excel.ResultsThe number of participants as well as the speakers diverges considerably, as do the speakers’ fees. The number of participating doctors varies between 50 and 250 (median 83). In 2019 overall 1599 doctors and 954 medical assistants (MFA) partcipated. Family physicians as lecturers were present in less than a third of courses in half of the departments. MFA cannot participate everywhere. Only a lack of sponsorship from the pharmaceutical companies unites all 17 TdA. ConclusionThere is still a long way to go to further develop the TdA based on the DEGAM criteria.Keywordsday of family medicine; family physicians; continuing education; interprofessional education; setting approach; industry-independence

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